Hearing Technology/Aids

Hearing Loss?

We are interested in providing a transparent approach to the pricing of our treatment options and our services.  Hearing aids can be very expensive and as such, we are interested in providing options for patients to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.  Many offices use what is known as a “bundled” approach in which the cost of the hearing aids, batteries, and services are combined under one price for one, two or three years.  This results in a higher cost for hearing aids.

Our office offers the option for an “unbundled” pricing model in which the cost of hearing aids, batteries, and services is broken out, allowing the patient to pay for services as they occur, rather than at the time of purchase of the devices.  This allows the initial cost of hearing aids to be lower providing the patient the option of saving money as they schedule their service appointments.

Pricing of hearing aids is based on Levels of Technology and selection of technology level is based on hearing results as well as an individual’s listening demands.

Level 1—Pro, Premium:  Recommended for patients involved in multiple, challenging listening environments, outdoor activities and frequent music enjoyment.

Level 2—Active:  Recommended for patient who participate in social activities involving various listening environments.

Level 3—Social:  Recommended for patients who participate in small group activities.

Level 4—Basic:  Recommended for those involved in minimal background noise or one-on-one conversations.

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